4couture.com was intended to launch as a pure online retailer. However, as often happens in the early days of a business start-up, their path seems to have taken a few unexpected turns. The initial aspiration was to open a boutique, primarily aimed at businesswomen where they could enjoy an online shopping experience from the comfort of the office. Today, this original goal is still very close to their hearts but since day one they’ve been blessed with constant demand through word of mouth and recommendations which has meant that most of their work doesn’t hang around long enough to actually get onto the website – it’s a nice problem to have!

“4couture.com is young, thriving business which by its size cannot yet justify employing someone of Ed's calibre on a full-time basis. Instead, having him "on tap" is a great reassurance, not only because of his broad technical understanding, but also because he has run several businesses of his own, which makes him acutely aware of the reality of writing out cheques at the end of the month. Working with Ed is an enjoyable experience, he grasps new ideas quickly and manages projects effectively, chasing me for input which is overdue. Ed has a rare talent, acting as the bridge between the worlds of commercialism and technology and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to others, especially to non-technical MDs with a vision to be realised.”

Lisa Morelli
Managing Director

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